Hacking Law and What To Do If Your Computer/Account Is Hacked

Businesses and individuals are affected everyday by unauthorized access to their computers, email and social media accounts (e.g., Facebook®, Instagram®,Yelp®, Google®, Yahoo®, LinkedIn®, Tweeter® and other social media forums and blog websites). When this occurs, it can result in substantial damage, such as theft of intellectual property, unauthorized communications, damage to goodwill and reputation and theft of personal pictures/videos.


When you are a hacking victim, you need legal assistance from a hacking law attorney.  Mark Ishman, of the Ishman Law Firm, is a computer and email hacking lawyer who helps victims in rectifying the injustice committed upon them.


There are two important steps that hacking victims must do immediately upon realizing that their computer, email or other accounts have been hacked.  First, create a back-up of all evidence of your hacking incident.  This would include access logs with date, time and IP addresses of when your computer/email/online account was accessed without your consent.  Second, a hacking victim needs to retain a hacking lawyer as soon as possible to provide assistance in preserving the data and identifying the hacker. As part of preserving evidence of your unauthorized access of your computer/email/online account, a hacking attorney will investigate your hacking incident and contact third parties to preserve evidence.  This is very important because many third-parties that could have helpful evidence to identify your hacker will delete such evidence as part of their regular business practices.  You must act quickly due to many third-parties practices deleting data every 7 days after your hacking incident. 


This is why it is so important to preserve all evidence of your hacking incident within your control, as well as retaining a hacking lawyer to investigate and assist you.  A hacking attorney will collect evidence aimed towards identifying the hacker who accessed your computer, email or other account without your authorization.


As you can imagine, hacking law is an emerging area of law, and there always seems to be new court opinions and laws enacted to assist hacking victims.  For example, computer-related laws interpreted by the courts allow hacking victims to recover their incurred expenses of “time, money and resources to investigate and repair” the damages incurred from their hacking incident.


If you are a victim of an unauthorized computer hacking, email hacking or other account hacking incident, please contact hacking law attorney Mark Ishman, of the Ishman Law Firm, to assist you in investigating, repairing and recovering from your hacking incident.  Hacking law attorney Mark Ishman, of the Ishman Law Firm, can be reached at mishman @ IshmanLaw.com or (919) 468-3266.  For more information on hacking law, visit http://www.ishmanlaw.com/hacking-unauthorized-access.php.

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