Mobile Valentines: How Dating Apps Might be Inviting More Than Love

A recent study released by IBM shows that dating apps on your mobile device might be inviting hackers into your personal data. IBM indicates in the report that more than 60% of dating apps are vulnerable. In an era of digital dating, this is a concern for many using the apps.

Hackers are targeting the dating apps because they have found people are more likely to divulge more of their personal information in pursuit of love. Those using the apps are less likely to keep their profiles private or not include personal information. Hackers are getting more than just the information found on dating app profiles though. Once they are in, they are able to access your other apps, passwords, credit card information and they are even able to access your GPS tracking abilities on your phone. The report reveals that over 70% of the dating apps were able to access GPS information from a mobile device. Even more telling, the report has revealed that hackers might have the ability to access the camera and microphone of the mobile device even when the app is not in use. More information on the IBM report can be at

While dating apps are the focus of this report, it is presumed that hackers will be able to break through the same walls in other apps. However, users of dating happens seem to provide more personal information within the dating app than any other.

To protect yourself from being hacked via mobile apps consider using the least amount of personal information on app profiles. Also, consider tightening your privacy settings on all of your apps as well as creating unique passwords and regularly changing them.

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