A Law Firm with Hacking and Unauthorized Access Experience

Whether you’re experiencing unauthorized access (or hacking), a lawyer with experience in internet technologies is necessary to help you with legal action. A law firm with hacking experience is vital to your success in litigation. You may also need proactive contracts and legal documents created with the help of a lawyer to protect your intellectual property.

Mark W. Ishman, an experienced internet lawyer can help you with unauthorized access and hacking. This lawyer has years of experience as well as a Master’s of Law in Information Technology & Privacy Law and experience in the Law Office of Mark W. Ishman, P.C. We can help you with:

  • Legal disclaimer
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms and conditions
  • Hacking litigation

Whether you need to start litigation against hackers or protect your intellectual property, clients or data from hacking, you need an experienced attorney with hacking and internet contracts experience. If you are experiencing the effects of hacking, a law firm with solid knowledge can help you succeed. Contact a computer/data theft attorney or call (919) 468-3266 for a free initial consultation.

For free initial legal consultation with an internet lawyer, ecommerce lawyer, cyberlaw lawyer or lawyer in another related field please contact Mark W. Ishman, Attorney at Law, at (919)-468-3266 or fill out our contact form online.