Mark W. Ishman, Attorney at Law, and the The Law Office of Mark W. Ishman, P.C., provide a wide range of legal services including these services in the following practice areas:

Internet Law Lawyer

In this newly emerging area, knowledge is the key to setting your company apart from competitors who think having a web site is the same as having an online business. We use our experience to guide you through e-commerce related contracts and agreements, intellectual property matters, and other complex legal issues that, if ignored, can be liabilities and, if promptly and expertly addressed, can give you the business advantage.

Cyberlaw Litigation Lawyer

Technology drives today's businesses, but it can also expose them to new threats. We ensure you know your rights and will help defend and prevent such attacks, whether they are against your computer systems, your business or your person.

Intellectual Property Attorney

Knowledge in matters of copyright and trademark law is a core strength of the Law Office of Mark W. Ishman, P.C. We seek to understand our clients' business interests and needs with aggressive attention to detail. We also understand the real-world importance of providing prompt answers and realistic options.

Internet Privacy Lawyer

The best defense is a good offense. The Law Office of Mark W. Ishman, P.C. strives not only to pursue and remedy breeches of security when they occur, but to also prevent concerns from rising in the first place. We know how to guard your work product and trade secrets from the prying eyes of would-be competitors and can consult with you on the most successful and cost-effective strategies to do so.

Corporate Attorney

Our experience in general corporate law matters, will enable your business to make sound, long-term decisions as well as help you to plan, protect, and, when appropriate, expand, your holdings. We have extensive experience facilitating the financing, licensing and transfer of technology together with related corporate and commercial matters.

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